PSI: Mozn Policy Simulation Engine

Given the current transformation in the region, many new policies are being tested and implemented. Data Analytics can play a major role in determining the best policy to implement. We have thus developed Mozn psi, a policy simulation engine that simulates scenarios based on different KPIs and outcomes. Our platform is intuitive, easy-to-use and works with many of the different types of data from databases to spreadsheets.

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SGNL: Mozn Fraud Detection Engine

In most organizations, fraud is often detected after it has occurred. Ideally, measures should be taken before it has even occurred or at least before significant damage is done. Our fraud detection platform allows organizations to detect fraud before it even happens. The platform detects fraud in all kinds of sectors, including but not limited to, banking, insurance, government, and healthcare.

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CLIP: text analytics

Clip is a state of the art text analytics product suite that offers the most accurate, fast, and scalable text analytics algorithms that were built with careful consideration of the complexity of arabic language. Clip is powered by the latest advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) offering NLP solutions that are specifically tested and optimized for the Arabic language. Clip uses phonetics similarity, powered by complex deep learning methodologies, to detect the different transliterations of Arabic words. It can also recognize misspellings, misplaced info, missing details, nicknames, initials, and other errors.

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Quad: Geospatial Analytics Solution

Quad is our geospatial product suite that provides analytics on geographical location basis. Quad leverages over 15 various datasets including maps, satellite, mobility, demographics and can also integrate your own data. We tackle complex geospatial challenges to enable data-driven decision making for questions on site selection, territory management, logistics optimization, geo-marketing, and infrastructure planning.

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DELTA: Mozn Data Potential Assessment

Many large public and private organizations and entities want to leverage the power of data science and artificial intelligence to improve operations and excellence, but are unsure where to start. This is why we developed DELTA, our proven and proprietary Data Potential Assessment process through which we understand your business objectives, assess your existing data sources and their quality, and utilize your data by identifying areas of impact, giving you a clear roadmap of how you can make your organization a data-driven one.

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Focal: Sanctions Screening

Focal is a sanctions screening solution powered by a proprietary AI-enabled names matching engine for Arabic and Latin names to help MENA organizations eliminate false negatives, reduce false positives, and increase confidence in their screening efforts.

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