DELTA : Mozn Data Potential Assessment

Many large public and private organizations and entities want to leverage the power of data science and artificial intelligence to improve operations and excellence, but are unsure where to start. This is why we developed DELTA, our proven and proprietary Data Potential Assessment process through which we understand your business objectives, assess your existing data sources and their quality, and utilize your data by identifying areas of impact, giving you a clear roadmap of how you can make your organization a data-driven one.

Value Proposition


Understand your data quality through a comprehensive assessment.


Analyze your data to identify areas that can make your organization a data-driven one.


Have a roadmap for your data transformation.

Sample use cases

  • A government entity generates a large amount of data but is unsure on how to utilize it.
  • A company is looking to see what data it can acquire to better improve its business.
  • An entity has large sums of data that has poor quality or require advanced cleansing and processing.

Mozn case study


A government entity wanted to enhance operational efficiency and test the impact of new configurations on the overall business


We performed a full Data Potential Assessment to understand areas of improvement, generating insights new to the full organization.


We recommended many changes to how data is being collected, how it is analyzed, and developed a full 3-year roadmap for a data transformation.