The region is ongoing major transformation led by Saudi Arabia. To achieve the ambitious targets of the Saudi Vision 2030, the public sector needs constant adaptation to the newest technologies. Estimates show that by digitizing information, disseminating public data sets and applying analytics to improve decision making, governments around the world can act as catalysts for more than $3 trillion in economic value.

How our products help

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    Test new social and economic policies by simulating different scenarios based on KPIs and outcomes.

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    Detect and take action on all types of fraud including identity theft and financial fraud. Prevent fraud before it even occurs using fraud prevention.

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    Assess your organization’s data potential and start a data transformation.

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Mozn case study


A government entity wanted to enhance operational efficiency and test the impact of new configurations on the overall business.


We built several data products including a fraud detection system designed using unsupervised learning techniques to detect outliers.


The fraud detection process became automated, which led to a higher magnitude of the number of outliers by each scan (thousands of anomalies that cover historical and fresh data).