Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare and pharmaceuticals are heavily operational fields where analytics can shine. Descriptive and predictive analytics have many applications from testing new policies to reducing drug costs. These minor changes can potentially save millions of lives and billions of dollars.

How our products help

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    Optimize operations and test new policies by simulating different scenarios based on KPIs and outcomes

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    Assess your organization’s data potential and start a data transformation

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    Clip offers text analytics solutions including search, data quality, record deduplication, information extraction, and customer service.

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Mozn case study


A company responsible to incorporates many datasets from procurement to supply chain to other medical data wanted to understand ways they can utilize their data to improve operations and generate monetization opportunities.


We performed a full Data Potential Assessment, assessing the data quality with a very detailed report with recommendations, as well as identified use cases of increased efficiency through data mining.


A clear roadmap and list of proven data use cases where they can activate Artificial Intelligence to tackle its challenges, validated by Mozn’s deep understanding of both the clients’ business objectives and data potential.