Marketing and advertising

30 years ago, advertising meant placing ads on TV, radio or print media. Today, online advertising is the fastest growing format of advertising. This has allowed agencies to gain insights on what drives the conversion of viewers to buyers. Data driven analytics allows marketers determine what’s driving customer behavior to strategize on their campaigns.

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    Simulate the outcome of different advertising campaigns based on KPIs and outcomes.

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    Assess your organization’s data potential and start a data transformation.

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Case study


An estimated 2-3% of flights are cancelled daily, meaning that 500 planes don’t take off and 90,000 passengers get stranded.


Red Roof Inn used big data to target stranded airport passengers with personalized messages like ‘Stranded at O’Hare? Check out Red Roof Inn’.


This new way of marketing helped Red Roof Inn produce 10% growth year over year, even with the worst winter in years.