The technology industry is a constantly evolving industry, affecting almost every industry along the way. In a cutting-edge sector, technology companies need to be constantly innovative to gain competitive advantage in the industry. In a survey conducted by the International Data Corporation, 71% of the big data innovators use advanced analytics tools that have high-level forecasting and real-time visualization capabilities. This gives enterprises a competitive advantage and allows them to foster a more customer-centric approach.

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Case study


Netflix is a video streaming service with over 130 million subscribers


The use of data analytics allowed Netflix to give personalized video recommendations that were three to four times better than simply giving viewers a list of popular videos.


The streaming service can even surface titles that would not usually find an audience on a traditional cable network. This allows it to save money on its content spend since it is able to increase the value of inexpensive titles. Netflix saves over $1B per year on content.