Empowerment Through

Data Driven Insights
Artificial Intelligence
Accurate Arabic NLU
Enables Better Decisions
Increases Efficiency
Automates Processes
Reduces risk         
We build advanced Artificial Intelligence solutions to empower enterprises in making critical decisions.
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Trusted by major private and public sector organizations to make critical data-driven decisions

Our Products

The Leading AI-Powered Financial Crime Prevention Suite

As the threat and complexity of money laundering and fraud escalates Focal provides innovative solutions that leverage Mozn’s powerful AI to protect organisations and their customers from risk.

OSOS, Leading AI in Arabic

OSOS is a cutting-edge Gen-AI built with careful consideration of the intricate complexities of the Arabic language.

Superior Solutions to Fit Your Needs

We combine deep technical expertise with keen business acumen to help some of the largest organizations solve their most crucial problems and challenges. Through advanced analytics, machine learning and other autonomous algorithms, our clients evolve the way they work and make the most of their data.

Advisory Support

Mozn has developed a clear methodology for organizations to adapt, incorporating data and AI  technologies that maximize value realization and have a tangible impact on your organization.

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Arabic Language Intelligence

At Mozn, we assist you in your pursuit towards becoming a data-driven enterprise by designing language intelligence solutions that enable your computers to understand human language contained in unstructured data and deliver critical insights for your business.

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Cognitive Search

At Mozn, we pursue novel avenues (specifically in Arabic NLU) by building cognitive search solutions for enterprises that are task-oriented, domain-specific, and follow an Arabic-first NLU approach.

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Document Intelligence

At Mozn, we design and deliver sophisticated document intelligence solutions so that you can focus on tasks that matter to make better decisions and improve your business performance without administrative hassles.

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Fraud & Anomaly Detection

Our industry-leading fraud and anomaly Detection capabilities allow organizations to detect fraud before it happens.

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Watchlist Screening

Our industry-leading fraud and anomaly Detection capabilities allow organizations to detect fraud before it happens.

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Credit Scoring

Our unique AI-powered credit scoring solutions are designed so that you can enjoy a new reality where low-risk credit scoring decisions are made in milliseconds.

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Top 25 Digital Business Solutions Globally

Mozn was recognised as one of the Top 25 Global “Digital Business Solutions” companies by CNBC and Statista.