The Leading AI-Powered Financial Crime Prevention Suite

As the threat and complexity of money laundering and fraud escalates Focal provides innovative solutions that leverage Mozn’s powerful AI to protect organisations and their customers from risk.

FOCAL - Financial Crime Suite in Action


Simple, yet powerful features

The Focal AML Suite is built with revolutionary AI-based capabilities to combat sophisticated financial crimes.

Customer Screening

Screen customers with confidence using name matching algorithms designed specifically for Arabic and Latin text characters. Focal screens onboarded customers on a daily basis against 1000+ global and local sanctions and PEP lists that are updated in real-time to reduce risks and give you peace of mind. Our robust APIs allow you to automatically process thousands of screenings per day with seamless onboarding and scalable integration.

Transaction Monitoring And Screening

Detect suspicious transaction activities in real time with automated APIs. Using Focal's friendly scenario builder, you can add and customize transaction monitoring scenarios to fit your specific requirements. Focal's built-in report generator logs every action and transaction using advanced audit trail capabilities, allowing you to automate your suspicious activity reporting.

Risk Scoring

Adopt a risk-based approach to compliance with ease. Our highly-adaptable risk engine allows you to configure, customize, and add new risk types, giving you the ability to adjust score thresholds to match your institutional risk tolerance and appetite in real time.

Case Management

Utilize AI technology to present a holistic and contextual view of each customer profile, as well as to record and export logs of audit trails.