Most accurate ARABIC AI

Cutting-edge generative AI built with careful consideration of the intricate complexities of the Arabic language.

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// initializing...
attribute: “world-class ai”;
language: “arabic”
The why

A little Lot different from the usual

Arabic First

OSOS leads the way with best-in-class language models, surpassing any other models in Arabic.


OSOS delivers precise and reliable results by offering domain-specific language models and knowledge bases co-designed to eliminate inaccuracies and hallucinations.

Data Sovereignty

We prioritize data privacy by processing sensitive information separately on your own on-premises computing infrastructure.



Navigating Knowledge with Precision

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Scalable Customization

Engineered for enterprise scalability and integration flexibility.


Provides verifiable and accurate information, crucial for decision-making.

Boundless Integration

Access to the latest and most comprehensive data via unlimited integration of different sources.


OSOS search

The Enterprise Search Engine

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Advanced Semantic Search

Experience precise, context-aware search results with optimized data retrieval.

Smart Filtering

Navigate through data with AI-Generated filters, such as names and places, simplifying the path to crucial information.

Tailored for Enterprises

Engineered to handle the scale and complexity of enterprise data, ensuring secure and efficient data management and retrieval.

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